Collaborate with ScienceEngage

Science is involved our personal health, wealth and in our collective growth as a nation, and so plays a significant role our everyday lives.

To connect everyday Australians with the world of science around them, we must be effective speakers and communicators. We are getting better at engaging the public because we, as science communicators, are getting better at collaborating with each other. By sharing information, we are learning what works and what doesn’t.

Sciencengage provides a platform for this collaboration to continue.

It’s is a national database of science engagement activities, where science communicators can add information about projects they have been involved with, learn from what others have done, and perhaps identify any gaps in science engagement that could be filled.

For all of you who have recently delivered science engagement activities in your community as part of National Science Week, please consider adding information about your project to the database. You can update the details any time, and add as many projects as you want.

Not only will you be sharing lessons learned from things that may have not gone as planned, your stories may help other people improve their science engagement offerings. Communication researchers can also use this data to identify trends and discover the most effective ways of engaging Australia in science.

Most importantly, the Sciencengage database is a rich resource for anyone thinking about planning a project. It’s a space where you can collaborate, gain new ideas and avoid duplication.

For more information and to register, check out the Sciencengage website.

Sciencengage is just one of many initiatives funded by Inspiring Australia, the National Strategy for engagement with the sciences. For more ideas about improving science communication check out the Science Communication Toolkit.