Scientist for a day

The blockbuster AZTECS exhibition is now on show at Australian Museum and features more than 200 priceless artefacts and dramatic multimedia that tell the story of the spectacular and ultimately tragic rise and fall of the Aztec empire.

Experience the epic but fleeting 500 year old story of the Aztec civilisation which was home to gods and demons, warriors and slaves, nobles and commoners.

Step into their world and marvel at the extravagant possessions of the Aztec emperors while exploring their sacrificial rituals and uncovering the mysteries of the Aztec afterlife.

Keep the kids informed and entertained with these fun school holiday programs at the Australian Museum:
The Mighty Aztecs

Who were the Mexica? Why did their ruler forbid anyone to wear shoes around him? How did they communicate, if they didn’t use written words? Find out if you would have been an eagle or jaguar warrior and help the King of Spain decide if he should try and make the Aztec Empire part of the Spanish Empire.

When: 9:30am-5:00pm, Wednesday 24th or Thursday 25th September
Cost: $110 (Members) $135 (Non-members) per child including general admission
Bookings required: Please call (02) 9320 6389

Survival Science

If your plane crashed into the middle of Australia – Would you know how to survive? How would you find your way back to civilization? Join us for a huge day of epic survival skills and weird “survival Science” experiments! Discover how to track different Aussie Animals, bind a snake bite, find water in the desert and signal for help with Morse-code!

When: 9am-3pm, Wednesday 1st or Thursday 2nd October
Ages: 8-12 years
Cost: $110 (Members) $135 (Non-members) per child including general admission.
Bookings required: Please call (02) 9320 6389