Improve your media metrics with Fresh Science

By Errol Hunt


Have you got some interesting research results, a discovery or invention, still early-career and curious about how publicity to get for it? Fresh Science is a national competition that finds researchers with discoveries, helps them find the key, compelling ‘story’ in their research and then puts them in the spotlight, showcasing them to the public and the media.

Last year’s Fresh Scientists talked about everything from bacteria and corals to bone health and frogs. The top ten applicants will be invited to participate in a full day’s media training session in Sydney on 25 July with a pub challenge planned for the next evening at the Three Wise Monkeys Hotel. There will also be an opportunity for participants to be part of a schools outreach program.

This is a great chance for researchers to share their work with the media and general public. For over 19 years, Fresh Science has helped anew generation of young scientists reach out and engage. The initiative has trained more than 300 early-career scientists how to present their science in a way that’s accessible to a general audience.

Participants will be able to:

  • hear from working journalists about what makes science news for them
  • find the story in their research with guidance from two experienced science communicators
  • practice being interviewed in front of camera and on radio
  • get help to develop short profile about their work written in a media-friendly way, published online and shared via social media.

Fresh Science NSW is supported by the University of New South Wales. You can apply via the Fresh Science website and applications close on 23 March.

Errol Hunt works at Science in Public, the agency managing the Fresh Science campaign.