AFR Innovation Summit in Sydney

By Amy Sarcevic

ia_innovationsummitThere is no doubt that innovation is having a ‘moment’ in Australian political and business discourse. But if we are to successfully transition Australia’s economy for the future, we need more than a moment, and more than a buzzword. With this in mind, the Australian Financial Review is proud to announce its inaugural Innovation Summit, due to take place 17-18 August at Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf, as part of Sydney Science Festival and National Science Week.

Optimising Australia’s R&D landscape; reforming our approach to risk and entrepreneurship; transforming our scientific, digital and technological capabilities; and growing the industries of the future – these are all complex, weighty challenges, demanding not just significant investment, but genuine structural change. At the individual business level, too, innovation is increasingly essential for survival, but notoriously difficult to drive, measure and direct.

The Innovation Summit’s objective is to go beyond buzzwords and platitudes, to really interrogate what needs to be done to create the capabilities, industries and mentalities Australia needs for the future.

Chief Scientist for Australia, Dr Alan Finkel and CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall are among expert speakers who will discuss how we can build a new Australian culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialisation; better facilitate the translation of research into innovation; and develop and attract the skills needed for a high-tech economy.

Other key topics for discussion will include:

  • How to incentivise efficient and high-value industry investment in R&D
  • How ROI from research and innovation be measured
  • How large firms can transition their cultures and structures to be more agile, innovative and self-disrupting
  • How we can increase access to capital and lessen the risks associated with entrepreneurship.

Supported by Inspiring Australia, this landmark independent forum is for everyone with a stake in Australia’s scientific, technological, digital and innovation future.

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Amy Sarcevic is Marketing Manager at Informa Australia, the summit producer.