Cooling Sydney Hack

Summers in the Greater Sydney region are becoming hotter every year. Sydney’s communities, infrastructure and economies and ecosystems are increasingly at risk as a result of more frequent and longer lasting heatwaves. Strategies to mitigate or reduce risks of urban heat are complex and require interdisciplinary and/or collaborative solutions.

The Australian Academy of Science, through the Theo Murphy Initiative (Australia), is supporting these solutions and the generation of future scientists working on them.

The Cooling Sydney Hack event is designed to be an incubator of innovative research and boost collaborations addressing extreme heat across the Greater Sydney Basin.

Cooling Sydney Hack will be a fast-paced and engaging full-day event that seeks to inspire and showcase the best research addressing urban heat and will present strategies and actions to help keep Sydney cool.

The event will feature panel discussions with relevant Sydney stakeholders, breakout activities, networking opportunities, and, of course, the pitch sessions.

Who should attend?

As part of the event, early and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) working on a research project or who have an innovative idea to address urban heat in the Greater Sydney Basin have the opportunity to apply to pitch their ideas at the event.

Selected pitches go in the running to win one of two seed grants of up to $20, 000 to fund their work.

EMCRs from ALL disciplines based at Sydney universities, working with a collaborative team, are eligible to apply for the opportunity to pitch their research projects at the Cooling Sydney Hack.

Projects could be well established or new innovative ideas, as long as they are carried out by a collaborative team and address one of the many complex aspects of urban heat in Sydney.

Anyone who is interested in contributing to solutions to urban heat in the Greater Sydney Basin is welcome to register to attend the event. Early bird and student registration prices are available.

Event details

Cooling Sydney Hack will be held in Parramatta on Wednesday 12 December 2018.

Visit the event page for more information about how submit your ideas and register to the event.