Cyber security challenges

A new set of free Schools Cyber Security Challenges will provide fundamental information to students about how to protect themselves against online threats.

Developed by the Australian Computing Academy at the University of Sydney with support from the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network (AustCyber), ANZ, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), National Australia Bank (NAB), Westpac and BT (British Telecom), the program was launched at St Andrews School in Sydney to increase awareness and skills amongst Australian students.

“The Challenges will provide the critical skills and attitudes that students need to operate safely online, while delivering Australia’s digital technologies curriculum and highlighting the fantastic career paths that exist in cyber security,” said Associate Professor James Curran, Academic Director of the Australian Computing Academy.

With a focus on online personal safety and why it’s important to be careful about sharing personal information online, particularly in  social networks, the Challenges seek to develop security-conscious students who are well equipped to deal with cyber security issues, both in their personal lives, and later, in the workforce.

In additon to providing basic security information, the Challenges tackle more complex technical topics such as cryptography, ethical hacking and network security.

They also give secondary students insight into the interesting and challenging field of cybersecurity, a growing industry that will increasingly demand highly sophisticated computer science graduates.

With Australia facing a skills shortage in cyber security at a time when global threats are becoming increasingly more complex, it is anticipated that the Challenges will encourage more young people to consider pursuing professional careers in this area.

Using relatable and realistic scenarios, the Challenges cover aspects of the Year 7-10 Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies and even encourage students to think from an attacker’s perspective as they collect personal information from fictitious characters to compromise their simulated banking, email and online shopping accounts.

The program is free and available to all Australian schools students.

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