How the Earth made us

All welcome to join astrobiology researcher and University of Westminster Professor Lewis Dartnell at the Australian Museum Research Institute Seminar on Tuesday 19 March 2019.

Professor Dartnell will speak about his new book ORIGINS: How the Earth Made Us that examines how our planet made us.

“When we talk about human history, we focus on great leaders, mass migration and decisive wars. But how has the Earth itself determined our destiny?” Professor Dartnell asks.

As a species we are shaped by our environment. Geological forces drove our evolution in East Africa; mountainous terrain led to the development of democracy in Greece; and today voting behaviour in the United States follows the bed of an ancient sea.

The human story is the story of these forces, from plate tectonics and climate change, to atmospheric circulation and ocean currents.
How are the Himalayas linked to the orbit of the Earth, and to the formation of the British Isles?

By taking us billions of years into our planet’s past, Professor Lewis Dartnell tells us the ultimate origin story. When we reach the point where history becomes science we see a vast web of connections that underwrites our modern world and helps us face the challenges of the future.

From the cultivation of the first crops to the founding of modern states, Origins reveals the Earth’s awesome impact on the shape of human civilizations.

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Where: Australian Museum, College St Sydney
When: Tuesday 19 March 2019
Cost: Free

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This event is co-presented with Inspiring Australia NSW.

Image by Freddie Claire. Learn more about Lewis Dartnell.