Introducing Metafact

Access to information is not the problem anymore – we are all drowning in it.  But in our daily feed of headlines, search links or social media posts, how do we know the difference between fact and opinion? Finding the truth on the internet is too hard and Metafact is designed to help.

A group of scientists have joined forces to launch this new platform that enables audiences worldwide to distinguish facts from fiction.

It’s a different kind of web platform where:

  • people can question anything
  • evidence matters more than clicks
  • experts are valued, not ads
  • independence is everything, not ideology
  • open knowledge with no paywalls.

The Metafact team are building that platform right now welcome others to join them.

Since April 2018, the Metafact prototype fact-checking platform has matched verified scientists and experts to answer and review factual claims asked by users. Many experts have shared the facts openly and freely for everyone to learn, discuss and republish.

The prototype is working well, with hundreds of fact-checks made and thousands of answers provided from over 11,000 verified experts in over 380 fields and 555 institutions.

The team are now working with experts to make the platform easy for them to review and answer questions. The next stage is to build a membership model and platform that can grow.

Join the Kickstarter campaign

The Metafact team are now seeking support through beta membership via Kickstarter – to attract 500 founding members.

Benefits to members include:

  • Ask Metafact: Members get to ask Metafact questions. We match hundreds of verified experts in the community to review factual claims asked by our members. Although anyone can ask a question on Metafact, we prioritise and promote members questions first.
  • Monthly ‘Sessions’: Every month we will host a Metafact ‘Session’ where members vote on a topic or issue important to them (eg. vitamins, Alzheimer’s Disease, Hurricanes or Black Holes) – we invite experts to share the facts so everyone can learn and discuss in real-time.

Founding members also receive insights and curated content from our own in-house scientific editors including:

Metafact Weekly.  A curated weekly intelligence digest – where we distill the most important facts & myths coming from the platform – with a little dry humour.

This contains sections including:

  • Dinner Conversation: where we help you respond to popular claims to give you the facts to share. For example: “When someone says “Microwaving food makes food toxic”, you can say – that is 100% false according to experts – it simply excites water molecules”
  • Talk Nerdy to Me:where we invited prominent experts to write a longer article explaining the facts around a popular claim.
  • Consensus: where we summarise expert answers made from many experts around a question from members.

Metafact ‘Verified.’ A digital quarterly magazine of trusted facts curated by top experts-  for members to read, enjoy and share.

Other membership benefits in development will include:

  • Members will be able to follow topics and facts within a daily feed so they can better engage and learn in areas important to them.
  • Members will have the ability to Ask Metafact questions quickly on any device and receive notifications when they get answered.
  • Metafact ‘Sessions’ as part of the membership portal to allow Q&A’s around a topic of interest to members.

Find out more about Metafact and join as a founding member. The first 100 of 500 founding members can join for $100, a 50% discount. Learn more here