Brain box a bit dusty? It’s time to colour in that grey matter and tune into signals from the future as Vivid Ideas presents a palette of stimulating talks over 23 days of the festival. In this series, leading scientists and researchers chart the megatrends and micro-forces shaping society, technology and innovations across wellness and health-tech, space exploration and future cities. All in a bid to make tomorrow brighter.

Live at Vivid for the first time is a podcast of Ockham’s Razor by the ABC Science team featuring five brilliant young scientists telling cutting-edge stories of their work. Future of Sex researcher and podcast creator Bryony Cole charts the frontiers of sextech and scientists.

CSIRO tackle the big questions on The New Frontier and discuss what space exploration will look like in 20 years’ time. Plus join CSIRO’s Data61 innovation group for a fast-paced, research-led and entertaining treatise on ‘The future of the world’ exploring some of the biggest factors transforming how we live including artificial intelligence, blockchain, climate change, the rise of Asian economies, demographic ageing, health and wellbeing, resource scarcity, energy storage and changing human experiences.

CNET will deep dive into the way AI is impacting the lives of every day consumers in a keynote on The AI Revolution. Staying in the tech world, CSIRO will discuss smart homes to empower older people, look at digital trends for all generations, and explore how we can use technology to improve our health and our world. Researchers will delve into a Materialising Memories research program ponder memory, love and how objects can help us harness the power of our memory and affect the way be are ‘Remembering Relationships’. We also look at the question ‘More Technology, More Stress?’ and provide you with tools to help you better manage your use of technology and improve your resilience to technology-induced stress.

Finally, join the conversation with the British Council director as she discussed how to better connect people and seeks out answers on how city leaders and city-dwellers can work together more effectively to create physical and digital spaces that are inspired and global.

Event highlights

  • Ockham’s Razor Live, 15 June, 1.30pm-3pm, MCA. Find out more.
  •   The Future of Sex, Find out more
  • The New Frontier, 26 May, 11am-12.30pm, MCA. More.
  • The Future of the World: What will happen by 2040? 15 June, 4pm-5.30pm, MCA. More.
  • CNET’s Next Big Thing: The AI Revolution, 30 May, 8am-10am, MCA. More.
  • More technology, More Stress? 31 May, 6pm-8pm, Macquarie University City Campus. More
  • Music and mental health, 8 June, 2pm-4pm, MCA. More
  • A Healthy Future with CSIRO: Using Technology to fight loneliness and Improve health, 15 June, 11am-12.30pm, MCA. More.
  • Remembering Relationships, 25 May, 11.30am-12.30pm, MCA. More.
  • Connected Cities, 7 June, 1pm-3pm, MCA.
  • Future Sydney: Global Innovation for Building Inclusive Cities, 7 June, 9am-11am, MCA. More.

Dates: It’s Lights On for Vivid Sydney on Friday, 24 May until 15 June 2019.