SEED Citizen Science Hub

The Department of Planning Industry and Environment has launched a new SEED Citizen Science Hub. The Hub is available for you to explore citizen science projects, events and opportunities across New South Wales. A one-stop shop for citizen science across New South Wales, the Hub sits on the SEED (Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data) platform, which is an openly accessible and trusted platform for environmental data.

The SEED Citizen Science Hub has been set up to support and grow citizen science across the state. It provides many benefits for scientists and data users, project organisers and participants alike, including project registration and promotion, networking and data access.

The Department is calling on current and budding citizen scientists, project owners and data users to explore and join the SEED Citizen Science Hub.

Citizen science participants can explore environmental projects, connect with like-minded people and stay up to date with the latest citizen science projects and events.

Project organisers can add projects to the Hub to reach a wider volunteer base, receive best-practice advice on how to set up, run and evaluate their citizen science projects, share resources with other users and boost the impact of their project by making data available for environmental decision making.

Data users can discover data through the Hub or on the SEED platform. Seamlessly explore, access and download data from the Hub or navigate to the dataset on the SEED platform with one click. As SEED is the NSW Government’s central resource for sharing and enabling environmental data, data users can trust the quality of the data, and that it will be ready to use in the format they need.

Visit the SEED Citizen Science Hub

Guest contribution by Sarah Klistorner, Science Communicator, Science, Economics and Insights (SEID) Division, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.