Infinity minus one

Infinity Minus One by Taiwanese choreographer Su Wen-Chi explores our place as humans in the vast scale of cosmic time and space. Created through research at CERN, the European organisation for nuclear research, this hypnotic new work emulates the behaviour of cosmic rays and the scientific devices used to detect them.

Part of the Liveworks festival presented by Performance Space at Carriageworks, Infinity Minus One is a groundbreaking fusion of science and performance by one of Asia’s most exciting choreographers. The live performance also features the acclaimed Indonesian music powerhouse, Senyawa, Rully Shabara & Wukir Suryadi and performers Danang Pamungkas & Luluk Ari Prasetyo.

Infinity Minus One premiered in Taipei earlier this year and has its international premiere at Liveworks – a festival that seeks to present the most provocative and ambitious contemporary new work from artists around Australia and Asia — from visual arts, theatre and dance to digital media, sound and beyond.

Each spring the festival takes over the iconic Carriageworks precinct in Redfern. Now in its fourth year, Liveworks is Sydney’s home of cutting edge art and performance.

“We continue to champion new Australian works that push boundaries and ask questions about who we are: work that immerses audiences in unexpected and captivating new experiences,” says Jeff Khan, artistic director of Performance Space .

“This is performance of a kind you won’t see anywhere else, where the audience is an essential part of the journey, and the artists are really breaking the boundaries of traditional art forms.”

About the artist

Su Wen-Chi is a dancer, choreographer and new media artist working in Taiwan. Currently the Artist-in-Residence of the National Performing Arts Center – National Theater & Concert Hall, Taiwan, in 2005, Wen-Chi founded YiLab, an experimental group of new media and performance artists working on integrating new technology with the performing arts, and seeking to present new performing formats.

When: 8.30 pm 24, 25 & 26 October
Where: Carriageworks, 254 Wilson Street Eveleigh
Cost: $35/$25

Attend a performance of Infinity Plus One

Performance workshop

As part of Liveworks, artists and those with a creative research practice can have a chance to participate in a workshop at which Su Wen-Chi will share her experiences being artist-in-residence at the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Wen-Chi will introduce the experimental processes she uses to translate scientific thought into choreographic form and explain how, following her residency CERN, she was inspired by the similarities that both the arts and sciences share in their approach to research and conceptual thinking.

When: 10.00 am Monday 15 October
Where: Critical Path, The Drill, 1C New Beach Road Darling Point
Cost: $30/$20

Attend the workshop


Panel discussion

Su Wen-Chi will be joined by astrophysicist Professor Geraint F Lewis from the University of Sydney and curator Sarah Reeves from the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in a multidisciplinary conversation that will examine how science and art grapple with the concept of infinity.

Join them to explore performance, dark matter and the vast scale of the universe.

“The Universe is where science gets to meet infinity, infinite space and infinite time,” says Geraint Lewis. “In uniting with the arts, we can convey these mind-bending concepts beyond the pages of textbooks and views through telescopes, and bring the wonder of the cosmos to all.”

Geraint Lewis undertakes a broad spectrum of research. His work involves looking at the influence of dark energy and dark matter on the evolution and ultimate fate of the Universe and they will discuss how this relates to investigating the held understanding of infinity.

Sarah Reeves’ interests cover all areas of science, but with a particular focus on astronomy. She is interested in the public perception and understanding of science and scientists, including issues such as science/pseudoscience, the scientific method, and the role of pure research.

When: 1.30 pm Saturday 20 October
Where: Carriageworks, 254 Wilson Street Eveleigh
Cost: Free

Join the conversation

Image of Su Wen-Chi, Infinity Minus One, byEtang Chen, courtesy of the artist. Liveworks is supported by Inspiring Australia.