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Help boost engagement with #scienceweek by encouraging STEM graduates and related professionals you know to post pictures and stories of themselves in social media tagging #thisismylab #scienceweek, #STEMgotmehere until 18 August 2019. Celebrate the diversity of STEM careers and the different pathways for those working in the science and technology sector.

How to get involved

  • Show where science can take you and that there are no limits to STEM careers by sharing images, videos and stories from where you work that show what you do.
  • Post a selfie or 30-second video of yourself and your lab, office or research site, showing the diversity of careers and workplaces.
  • If you studied STEM, work in STEM or work in a STEM-related field, then we want to see you in your labs, research sites, classrooms and offices – anywhere you use STEM. Parks, gardens, in a recording studio, edit suite, the theatre or cinema … the possibilities are endless!
  • Share your posts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Make sure to tag your post with #scienceweek, alongside #STEMgotmehere or #thisismylab

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A science qualification can take you anywhere in the world. Just ask our Ambassador
to Austria, Dr Brendon Hammer, how his PhD in Chemistry has helped him.
#scienceweek #STEMgotmehere @Aus_ScienceWeek

From studying rocks to rocking science policy #scienceweek #STEMgotmehere @nationalscienceweek

@Aus_ScienceWeek – not all science takes place in labs, we survey the ocean to
assess the health of marine ecosystems #scienceweek #thisismylab

Find more ideas about how to participate in National Science Week at the campaign website at 55927957_2104795019598018_1958908732297445376_o