Minute, magical & Coronavirus sounds

After a period of hiatus, Art + Science returns to Penrith Regional Gallery, home of the Lewers Bequest, and the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre. The space where art meets science is filled with wonder. For this year’s Art + Science program supported by Inspiring Australia NSW, community members can participate in scientific illustration workshops and contemplate molecular music through a new work that explores the sounds of Coronavirus.

Scientific illustration workshops

Penrith Regional Gallery is tapping into the minute and magical details of the natural world, exploring the curiosities within. Acquire new skills and create artistic renderings of these fascinating places, spaces and creatures.

Two very special workshops – nature observation and illustration for children, and scientific illustration for adults – will be led by Scientific Illustrator Angus Fisher and passionate nature enthusiast, Tom Covell.

Artist Angus Fisher will lead workshops.

Workshop Details

Minutiae – Children
15 November 10am – 12pm | Ages 6 – 12 | $20 includes materials
Nature observation and illustration

Minutiae – Adults
15 November 12.30 – 4.30pm | Ages 16+ | $60 includes materials
Scientific illustration. No drawing experience required.

Minutiae will focus on the details of a normally unobserved natural world. Build observational and visual interpretation skills and create a deeper appreciation for the details of nature and its application to scientific illustration with passionate nature enthusiast Tom Covell and expert Scientific Illustrator Angus Fisher.

While exploring the use of fine-line pens and watercolour paints on paper, these Scientific Illustration workshops will focus on making accurate observations and representing details of forms and textures.

Through this artistic lens, these workshops will offer participants an experience of scientific discovery that is creative and inspiring.

Strange creatures and hybrid beasts

The following week, on 22 November, explore Strange Creatures and Hybrid Beasts with a hands-on, full day of activities with the STEM education team from Build-A-Mind.

Developed to engage teenagers aged 12 – 18, this workshop will have participants designing 3D models, and using 3D pens to develop rapid prototypes, which will later be 3D printed.

Inspiration will be drawn from the Gallery’s current exhibition, Memento, by Bonita Ely, with its genetically modified, plastic-consuming hybrid creatures.

The 3D printed creations will be displayed at the Gallery, in a Strange Creatures and Hybrid Beasts exhibition, which will be open to the public over the summer.

Workshop Details

Strange Creatures, Hybrid Beasts
22 November 10am – 4pm | Ages 12 – 18 | $50 includes all materials, a fully printed design of choice and lunch from Café at Lewers

Bring your virtual creations into the real world!

Join us for a day of 3D design and printing, with the STEM education team from Build-A-Mind. Design 3D models, use 3D pens, and choose a design to be printed and exhibited at the Gallery. All materials, your printed model, lunch from Café at Lewers, and a tour of Memento are included in the cost of this workshop.

Listen to the sounds of Coronavirus

In an atmospheric nod to current conditions, an integral part of this year’s Art + Science program is Molecular Music, The Sound of Corona Virus; an animation installation that will be featured on The Joan’s AV wall and shared widely across Penrith Performing & Visual Arts’ social channels.

Created by Dr Mark Temple, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology at Western Sydney University, the musical aspect of the installation is the sonification of the coronavirus genome, creating beautiful sounds out of something destructive. This is accompanied by animation sequences that both captivate and mesmerise – a creative and timely project that is sure to become a viral hit!

Feature image from Unsplash: Fusion Medical Animation/Getty Images: SpicyTruffel. The 2020 Art+Science program is presented by the Nepean Science Hub and Penrith Regional Gallery, part of Penrith Performing & Visual Arts, with support from Celestino Developments and Inspiring Australia NSW as part of its Year-Round Program initiative.