Australian Science Communicators NSW is offering early and mid-career researchers, innovators and scientists a unique change to promote their research for free! As the Coronavirus pandemic crisis faces the world, organisations are exploring new ways to promote content in accessible and engaging formats, as people connect online.

Australian Science Communicators NSW kicked off its content-based #fromtheLAB video series in March 2020. This project aims to connect everyone with scientists, researchers, innovators on a monthly basis through short videos in which they talk about their current work, scientific concepts and discoveries.

Share your research story

Are you an early – mid career researcher, innovator or scientist in Australia?

While Australian Science Communicators NSW produces and shares videos each month in collaboration with scientists across Australia, the team is looking for expressions of interests to participate in this series. It can also repackage content that has already been created as part of this series.

Meet Australian researchers

Here are the #FromtheLAB snippets produced so far in 2020:

  1. Vanessa Pirotta: Whales & Drones to detect ocean health
  2. Muthu Vellayappan: Covid Safety Key 
  3. Noushin Nasiri: Nano-Technology PhD project 
  4. Ken Dutton Regester: Late stage Melanoma survival
  5. Muneera Bano: Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
  6. Nisha Duggan: Drugs for Stroke Patients
  7. Rachelle Balez: Solutions to cure Alzheimer’s
  8. Fathima Shihana: Diagnostic tools for poisoning patients

Interested in being featured? Australian Science Communicators NSW will guide you with ideas and assist in editing a short video in collaboration with you. Express your interest via email