Inspiring Australia NSW

Inspiring Australia NSW develops influential networks that connect science and engineering researchers to bigger audiences. Our statewide partners help them develop and share stories about the impact their work makes with audiences who may have little access to scientific knowledge.

Why do we do this?

Australia’s future economic and social wellbeing has science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) at its core. We have a vibrant and innovative research culture, but many STEM achievements are little known to the public. 

If voters know more about the difference research makes, they may be more inclined to support public investment in research. They’ll also appreciate the importance of ensuring that the next generation has the STEM skills they need to succeed in the future workforce – and that quality STEM education is accessible to all.

Scientific literacy is also important to individual wellbeing. People need to be aware of and understand the science in everyday life so they can make informed decisions —  about their health, at the shops, at work and at home.

As the national strategy for public participation in science, technology and innovation, Inspiring Australia seeks to change perceptions about STEM research and its relationship to everyday life.

How we work

We connect diverse communities to cutting edge science through initiatives that are entertaining, transformative and locally relevant. Our programs:

  • Create unforgettable experiences
  • Show why science and engineering matter
  • Explain how STEM studies prepare communities for the future
  • Inspire participants with extraordinary scientific discovery
  • Bring together like-minded organisations to amplify collective impact
  • Create STEM outreach and engagement networks at a local level.

Flagship programs

New South Wales


Who we are

In NSW, Inspiring Australia is overseen by the NSW Inspiring Australia & National Science Week Executive Committee:

Jasmine Chambers (Chair) Division of Natural Sciences, University of Sydney
Bobby Cerini, Inspiring Australia
Geoff Crane, National Science Week
Chris Newman, Office of NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer

The Manager, Inspiring Australia (NSW) is Jackie Randles.


In NSW, Inspiring Australia is a partnership between

University of Sydney
NSW Department of Industry
Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

The initiative is part of the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda