Science under the sea

Jump in without getting wet and unlock the mysteries of the sea! Southern Cross University’s National Marine Science Centre is promoting greater awareness of the marine environment through its three-day event Science Under the Sea.

As a leader in marine science education and research, the National Marine Science Centre aims to promote greater awareness of the marine environment and scientific processes during National Science Week.

Science Under the Sea will include exhibition stand in Coffs Central Shopping Centre on Thursday, August 14, and at Park Beach Plaza Shopping Centre on Friday, August 15 from 10am to 4pm.

On Saturday, August 16, the Centre will have a free Open Day featuring hands-on activities, guest seminars, presentations and tours of the marine discovery facility from 10am to 4pm.

Now in its fourth year, Science under the Sea provides another great opportunity for members of the public to pique their interest and understanding of the marine environment. They will also learn more about the diverse range of research being undertaken at the National Marine Science Centre.

Among activities, displays and presentations will be:

  • The acid test – ocean acidification: Explores the effects of climate change and ocean acidification on ocean communities.
  • Not so fantastic plastic!: Highlights the concerns of marine debris, its consequences and ways in which humans can reduce its effects.
  • Shipwrecks! – Corrosion and Conservation: Highlights the science behind the archaeology, as well as, corrosion and preservation of shipwrecks of the Coffs Coast.
  • Our captivating Coffs coast: Participants will learn about key ecological information of the Coffs Coast, showcasing the unique biodiversity created by the convergence of the EAC and Tasman currents.
  • Life on the edge: Learn about organisms that live along our coastline and the important role they play in marine ecosystems.
  • Shell detective: Using taxonomic keys, this activity will allow participants to become ‘detectives’ to identify a variety of different molluscs.
  • Fish for the future: Through an informational display and a guided tour, participants will learn about the plight of the wild fisheries, and the growing interest in farming fish and other aquatic organisms to assist in providing protein to the ever expanding world population.

Science Under the Sea is funded by Inspiring Australia as part of National Science Week.

For more information visit Solitary Island Aquarium or phone (02) 6448 3918.

Media contact: Brigid Veale, Southern Cross University, head of Communications and Publications, phone (02) 6659 3006 or 0439 680 748.