Science in the city

From 6-15 August the Australian Museum will present a diverse line up of schools and community events to mark National Science Week. From toddlers to teachers and students to families, Science in the City offers something for everyone in a bumper two-week line up jam packed with opportunities to meet scientists.

Highlight events

Little Explorers Big Day Out
Friday August 9
9.30am – 3:00pm

Little Explorers Big Day Out is about showcasing the science behind one of Sydney’s most loved festivals, the Australian Museum’s Science in the City. All workshops, shows and activities are set to entertain and engage curious little minds. Little Explorers Big Day Out pofgfers under 7 year-olds a chance to explore the wonders of science in a day especially programmed for them. Witness some awesome demonstrations of volcanoes, liquid nitrogen explosions, messy science and dinosaurs!

Super Science Saturday
Saturday August 10
9.30am – 4.00pm

Super Science Saturday is presented by the Australian Museum in collaboration with over 30 other leading organisations. The day will feature live animals, real scientists, hands-on experiments and outrageous science demonstrations, with a host of activities designed to appeal to the littlies, teenagers and the parents.

With interactive workshops, on-stage demonstrations, and a speciality Expo demonstrating the latest in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM), it’s hard not to get inspired! The event will also showcase the Science in the City Schools Expo plus hundreds of hands-on activities and talks for the whole family.

Science in the City
Tuesday August 6 – Friday August 15
9.30am – 3:00pm

The 2019 Science in the City program will bring practical science to life for school students and their teachers, with a specially designed primary school program packed with hands-on activities and explosive workshops. Sessions are designed to support and link to school curriculums and cover a wide range of scientific fields including digital science, biology, chemistry, natural environment, and more.

Immersive learning in STEAM focused workshops, demonstrations, and exciting talks are the focus for the 2019 Science Festival.

Featured guests will include:

  • Prof Tim Flannery
  • A/Prof Alan Duffy
  • Dr Joanne Lackenby
  • A/Prof Ronika Power
  • Dr Chris Ferrie
  • Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
  • Adam Spencer

The wide variety of workshop sessions are designed and instructed by Australia’s leading science institutions including 3M, ANSTO, Macquarie University and many others. Almost 4,000 students from 50 schools have already booked into the school programming and over 200 sessions have been scheduled!

Contact the team on 02 9320 6389 or email if you have any questions.

A Dark Night with Alan Duffy
Tuesday August 13
6.00pm – 9:00pm

Joining the Science in the City program is Astrophysicist and Australian Museum Eureka Prize Winner Associate Professor Alan Duffy. To help us understand the nature of dark matter and how galaxies have formed, Alan will travel past the Moon to illuminate the latest developments in science including how the atoms in you formed, and why dark matter helped to populate the elements found in the Earth’s Periodic Table even though you won’t find it there.

Through an understanding of recent developments in space science, students will be introduced to the wonderful world outside of our solar system and the use of models, theories and laws in space science research.

Tickets to Science in the City community events will be available on the Australian Museum website in early June. Science in the City is part of Sydney Science Festival and is supported by Inspiring Australia as part of National Science Week.