Recording the natural environment at Bundanon

Bundanon Trust is a picturesque piece of bush land overlooking the Shoalhaven River, just outside of Nowra. It was gifted to the Australian people by artist Arthur Boyd and his wife Yvonne, who believed ‘you can’t own a landscape’. Preparations for the first BioBlitz on the property as part of the annual Spring Siteworks event are now underway.

Bundanon’s programs are many and varied and include professional artist residencies, concerts and a lively schools outreach program. An annual highlight is Siteworks which brings scientists, artists and community voices together to share knowledge and ideas arising from the Bundanon sites through a series of discussions, presentations and experiences.

Over the weekend of 27-28 September 2014, all are welcome to participate in Siteworks over two full days of performance, art and conversation addressing ideas around biodiversity, with a particular focus on the concept of earth law. Visitors can experience performances and workshops or become a `citizen scientist’ in the Bundanon BioBlitz where they can walk with an ecologist and map flora and fauna to assist in the evaluation of Bundanon’s Living Landscape initiative.

In preparation for this unique biodiversity mapping event, where people come together to observe and record a region’s flora, fauna and all manner of living things, specialists and ecologists who will be conducting the BioBlitz surveys have made reconnaissance visits to the Bundanon site.

Among their recordings are sightings compiled by Barry Virtue from Bird Life Shoalhaven who has documented 31 species of birds at three different locations and orchid guru Alan Stephenson has observed many species which look set to flower right on time for the Bio Blitz.

There are more than 350 places available in the BioBlitz audit activities, and the event provides an outstanding opportunity to explore the Bundanon property in this citizen science sleepover! All data collected by professional and citizen scientists alike will be added to the Atlas of Living Australia database.

Bundanon Blitz
This 24-hour event over Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 includes an overnight camp on the property with extensive flora and fauna serches at different times and across different habitats.

The BioBlitz events will engage the community in the significance of bio-diversity, the interdependence of flora and fauna species and the need to preserve species through habitat regeneration. Through this unique activity Bundanon Trust has become the lead partner in the Shoalhaven Regional Science Hub, with support from Inspiring Australia.

On Thursday 18th of September Siteworks for Schools will bring local primary and high school children to the property to participate in flora and fauna audits led by scientists and specialist facilitators. The audit will feed information into the main Siteworks BioBlitz at Bundanon held on the weekend.

The weekend Conversation will host experts from the scientific and legal professions alongside artists, Aboriginal custodians and other specialists to discuss the ways we might shape the protection of the planet and the health of our biodiversity into the future.

There will be inspiring site-specific works and performances around the Bundanon site during Siteworks, with most happening on the Saturday evening. Artists include: Keith Armstrong & Lawrence English, Nigel Helyer, Janet Laurence, Stalker Theatre, Josie Starrs & Leon Cmielewski, Rosemary Laing and De Quincey Co.

Mary Preece is Bundanon Trust’s Education Manager

Find out more, book your tent site and secure your BioBlitz place by visiting Siteworks