Water Lab Wednesdays

Water Lab Wednesdays is an opportunity for the Northern Rivers Community to discover more about water with fun science experiments, investigations and games. This new free school holiday activity is for children 5 to 14 years old with a supervising adult at the Hands on H2O Water Lab held in the beautiful Dorroughby Environmental Education Centre near Rocky Creek Damn.

The Water Lab is open during school term for Year 5 & 6 (Primary) and Years 7 & 8 (Secondary) with sophisticated equipment and open student-led water challenges to meet the needs of scientific investigations and fair testing from the new Science curriculum. Then during the holidays, the water challenges change with the Lab open on Wednesdays for family science, where together children and adults have a chance get a white coat on and explore and discover more about water.

The Water Lab started in January this year and was a busy scene of young scientists looking down microscopes, powering boats, raining in catchments, making magic water lilies and creating a pipe system from the dam to the houses. These holidays the families will find some new activities including; floating boats, making music and measuring invisible water.

They can also learn more about the pH of our favourite drinks and then get busy with bits and pieces to create a crazy knitted test tube. Water Lab Wednesday activities have strong links to local water issues and sustainable water use. Activities start at 10am and close at 3pm, with the last entry 2pm. Water Lab Wednesdays are held at the Dorroughby Environmental Education Centre, 210 Dunoon Road, Dorroughby.

It is a beautiful location and also just around the corner from Rocky Creek Dam, our major water supply. Families can make a day of water science fun followed by a picnic, play or bushwalk at the Dam. The Hands on H2O Water Lab is a partnership project of Rous Water and the Department of Education & Communities, with funding from the NSW Environmental Trust Grant Program.

For more information about Water Lab Wednesdays and school class visits during term go to www.watersciencelab.com.au

About the author
Barbara Jenson is the Rous Water Community Education Officer. Find out more about its educational programs at www.rouswater.nsw.gov.au