World changing ideas summit

By Jackie Randles

Inspiring Australia is a supporting partner for the inaugural World Changing Ideas Summit.

BBC Future is the BBC’s platform for the insatiably curious, making you smarter every day through in-depth coverage of science, health and technology. Coming to Australia for the first time, the World-Changing Ideas Summit supported by Inspiring Australia will take place in Sydney on 15 November 2016. Take the opportunity to explore the latest ideas and trends in technology, science and health through fascinating discussions with a range of Australian and international experts.

Dedicated to the theme of ‘Your life, your tomorrow’, the Summit will consider how technology is transforming the human experience. It will examine advances in medicine that are overturning long-held beliefs about what it means to be human and other scientific breakthroughs that are altering our understanding of our world, ourselves and our place within it. Participants will discover astonishing ideas and get hands-on with live demos.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • BBC presenter and author Dr Michael Mosley (UK)
  • Professor of Experimental Architecture Prof Rachel Armstrong (UK)
  • Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel (Australia)
  • NASA Astronaut (retired) Dr Andrew Thomas (USA)
  • Marine ecologist and ecotoxicologist Prof Emma Johnston (Australia)
  • Behavioural Scientist Dr Kevin Conti (USA)
  • Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biosciences Dr Heather Hendrickson (New Zealand)
  • Marine Ecologist and CEO at Venus Shell Systems Dr Pia Winberg (Australia)
  • Psychologist and Behavioural Scientist Dr Alex Gillespie (UK)
  • Director & Chief Scientist Black Dog Institute, Prof Helen Christensen (Australia)
  • Chief Pilot for World View Enterprises and former NASA Astronaut Ron Garan (USA)
  • Electronic Musician Dr Grace Leslie (USA)
  • Materials scientist Prof Veena Sahajwalla (Australia)

For information about the Summit and to register your interest, visit the World-Changing Ideas Summit website at

Inspiring Australia is a Supporting Sponsor of the BBC Future World-Changing Ideas Summit.