New STEM learning hub

Social Ventures Australia will bring increased STEM expertise and support to 36 Australian schools in communities where those resources are most needed. With the support of Samsung, the new Bright Spots Schools Connection STEM Learning Hub will kick-start STEM education for low socio-economic schools across Australia, offering access to the latest technology, professional development and STEM-specific training.

Samsung Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Tess Ariotti, said all young Australians should have access to diverse, quality learning experiences that are supported by technology.

“The network of support provided by the Bright Spots Schools Connection STEM Learning Hub will ensure that Australian students are adequately equipped with the skills they need for the workforce of the future.”

Social Ventures Australia CEO Rob Koczkar said the program uses evidence in practice.

“By enabling school leaders to collaborate, teaching and learning outcomes will be improved as we eliminate the digital divide that has emerged,” he said.

Bright Spots Schools Connection was established by Social Ventures Australia in 2014 to empower school leaders and build a network and community of exceptional educators. Mr Koczkar said that it’s an unacceptable reality that young people in disadvantaged communities are much less likely to achieve as well academically as students in more affluent areas.

“They also tend to have fewer opportunities to access specialist STEM education, often exacerbated by limited access to technology in homes and their communities. Together with Samsung, we aim to lower the risk of the digital divide in education,” he said. “The Bright Spots Schools Connection seeks to address this problem head on; as Australia transitions to an innovation-driven economy, we firmly believe that every young person in Australia deserves a great STEM education.”

To identify the schools, support professional development for teachers in low socioeconomic schools and share learnings, the Bright Spots Schools Connection works closely with the Victorian, South Australian and New South Wales Governments and the Catholic Education Office Diocese of Melbourne.

For more information please visit the Social Ventures Australia website.