The secret life of mammals

Community members on the Sapphire Coast are invited to join Dr Andrew Claridge, a Senior Research Scientist at the NSW National Parks and Widlife Service, who will be visiting the Bega Valley region in June to talk about his extensive research experience, in particular with nocturnal mammals.  Andrew has 30 years of research under his belt, including many years in south-east Australia.

“After so many years, I have a few favourites, including a great affection for mammals such as potoroos and bandicoots, and the carnivorous spotted-tailed quoll,” he said. “Somehow they’ve grabbed my heart in the 10 years or so that I’ve been involved with them.”

In his free community talk, Andrew will discuss the use of infrared cameras while studying quolls and show some great footage.

“These days there are many benefits in using technology in wildlife research, but we also face plenty of challenges,” ge said.

Andrew will also highlight the value of citizen science in field research, using rich examples of how this could make a real difference in the Sapphire Coast region.

Liz Allen, a local citizen scientist, is just one community member who looks forward to discussing how the region might get involved in this kind of research.

“Infrared cameras can give us such interesting footage. Wouldn’t it be exciting to be the first to see some of the nocturnal action, especially if we find rare animals!”

This free event is open to all interested people.

When: 2pm, Thursday 8 June 2017
Where: Local Land Services Office, Bega (top floor, Woolworths complex)

For more information please contact Libby Hepburn