Executive transformation

Infuture is a new program developed by Data61 that is designed to help Australian business leaders embrace and understand the science and technology that’s shaping the future of the world today, and the opportunities that this presents for Australian industry and business.

Online information on future disruption is fairly accessible.

What’s harder to learn is what to trust, how to think about technological change, and how to apply that thinking to identify and capitalise on emerging market opportunities.

As an organisation working at the global forefront of research and development, Data61 is well placed to deliver this executive program.

Undertaking deep research and development, and commercialisation of disruptive new technology, in partnership with industry, government and the research sector,  Data61 understands the future because it plays a leading role in creating it. Its people are experts in the full lifecycle from fundamental research to commercial offering.

Data61’s Executive Transformation Program is set to launch in 2018, showing C-Suite and Board executives the reality of technological change; what it is, the affect it will have on their industries, and how to manage and capitalise on the change.

The program curriculum will include key topics in:

  • Health, genomics and bio-informatics; Artificial Intellegence; Privacy preserving data analytics
  • Blockchain and provenance; and additive manufacturing. Further, the program will provide access to world leading research scientists, and the opportunity to remain engaged in the Data61 and CSIRO network.
  • The economy and industry are transforming at an exponential pace. Australia is at a tipping point where it can begin to build new businesses at the intersection of the digital and physical domains, build new value and capture the opportunity that is presented by this transition.

The Executive Transformation Program program will enable directors and executives to work with the organisations they serve to shorten innovation cycles and create new sustainable value for these businesses.

Find out more by contacting Shelley Copsey, New Ventures & Commercialisation Leader at Data61.

Guest post by Jake Southall, Business Development and Commercialisation at Data61.