Sydney Harbour’s secrets

Have you ever wondered about what’s happening below Sydney Harbour’s surface? The Australian National Maritime Museum invites you on a weekend journey as part of Sydney Science Festival. Visit the Museum from 18-19 August 2018 to explore the wild and watery world of Sydney Harbour and enjoy a whole host of science activites to mark National Science Week.

Over the weekend take one of the Museum’s new remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) for a spin around the basin and see what’s there.

What are those schools of fish clustered around the Sea Science Pontoon? Is that a starfish stuck to the artificial reef balls under the wharf? Why are lead anodes attached to the hull of submarine HMAS Onslow?

Stop to take a closer look at the Seabin doing its part to clean up harbour waters worldwide.

Check out the Museum’s vessels and waterfront displays and have a twirl on the wheel of the Sea Science Pontoon.

Just don’t drop your phone overboard …

Harbour Laboratory

Visit the Harbour Laboratory on Sunday 19 August for a full day of activities from 10am to 4pm. Meet top Sydney Harbour scientists and explorers in the Endeavour Pavilion.

Learn from experts at Sydney Institute of Marine Science and Office of Environment and Heritage about how you can help clean up marine and micro plastics.

Touch the living seawalls making new habitats for local life and take a virtual dive into Sydney Harbour to see if you can spot a Port Jackson shark.

Discover nearby heritage sites and find out how bathymetric maps of the seafloor are made. See if you can spot anything in the map – it might be a shipwreck!

Sea Science Pontoon

For the kids

Younger visiters will love the Harbour Hoots Science Show presented at outdoor performance pontoon.Test your engineering mettle by designing boats that can float at Kids on Deck. Peer through a microscope and see how amazing phytoplankton collected from off the wharf looks when magnified. Can you draw what you see?

Also on Sunday 19 August at 2pm is the launch of the, a cutting edge citizen science project lead by UTS Professor Martina Doblin. Participants in this unique citizen science program will contribute to a global analysis of environmental exposure experienced by drifting plankton and visualise and explore morphological development of virtual microbes (marmics) that evolve in response.

Science squabble

Join Dr Andrew Stephenson and a panel of science nerds at 3 pm on Sunday 19 August as they go head-to-head as they debate what is the Greatest Discovery Ever Made.

Challenging the deep

Round off a full weekend by checking out the exhibition James Cameron: Challenging the Deep. Don’t forget to look up! Mounted from the ceiling are the ROVs Cameron used to explore hydrothermal vents and the site of RMS Titanic. Curator-led tours of the exhibition are available at 11am and 12pm on Sunday, 19 August.

Find out more about the Australian National Maritime Museum’s participation in Sydney Science Festival here Bookings are required for The Great Debate, the launch and curator-led tours of the James Cameron exhibition. Bookings available here.