Circular economy in the regions

In August, NSW Circular together with UNE’s SMART Region Incubator and its Centre for Agribusiness are partnering in a series of events and business visits in Armidale to help create local circular economy solutions. The following week, NSW Circular is heading to Gosford to participate in a public program co-presented with the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre.

In Armidale, leading local business leaders and other industry, government and research representatives will discuss how to help develop more sustainable operations and reduce waste, which in many cases can actually be used as a resource.

Waste scientist and engineer, UNSW Sydney Professor Veena Sahajwalla, also Director of NSW Circular, will join UNE Centre for Agribusiness Director, Professor Derek Baker, and UNE SMART Region Incubator Director, Dr Lou Conway, in sharing examples of innovative work in waste and the re-use of materials, and how this brings economic and social benefits.

“Many agribusinesses, manufactures and producers in the New England North West region already demonstrate innovation excellence but the challenge is to bring together the right stakeholders across the whole supply chain to achieve circular economy outcomes,” Professor Veena said.

“We are aiming to facilitate market-based solutions to the opportunities and challenges faced in efficiently managing our materials, supplies and waste and we will be looking for pilot projects to create new pathways and outcomes.”

Professor Veena will join Professor Baker and Dr Conway in visiting a number of leading businesses in the morning, before they host a Circular Economy Project Development Workshop at the UNE SMART Region Incubator for over 30 representatives from local companies and organisations. The Workshop will identify next steps in implementing a circular economy by investigating local problems and their solutions for pilot projects.

Armidale public event 1 August

All welcome to attend Waste as a Resource: Entrepreneur Hour, an evening event for the community at the Armidale Bowling Club where Professor Veena will give a presentation and the Federal Director, Industry, of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), Michael Sharpe, will facilitate a panel discussion attended by up to 50 representatives from local businesses, government, industry and entrepreneurs.

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Gosford public event 7 August

As part of National Science Week, the NSW Circular Economy Innovation Network is partnering with the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre to host an event entitled The Path to a Circular Economy to introduce the circular economy to industry, business and government stakeholders in Gosford on Wednesday 7 August.

The event will introduce the audience to the benefits of a circular economy locally, across NSW and the rest of Australia as society aims to be more sustainable. Panelists will share examples of their innovative work in waste and the re-use of materials and how this has economic and social benefits.

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Image of Professor Veena Sahajwalla courtesy of UNSW.