Deep blue on my doorstep

Hosted by Associate Professor Tracy Ainsworth, a coral biologist from the University of New South Wales Sydney, The Deep Blue On My Door Step is a new series of 12 podcasts that focus on research being undertaken in Australia by leading marine experts. They discuss the marine places on their doorsteps that have inspired them and how their love of these places has influenced their life’s work.

“In this podcast series, you’ll discover some of the most iconic and valuable marine ecosystems that we have on our own doorsteps through the eyes of the people who study them and work to ensure that theses places remain intact for generations to come,” said Tracy, who is the host and producer as well as being a scientist.

The Deep Blue On My Door Step podcast series meets researchers working on our urban and city coastlines, our regional marine ecosystems, and within our national marine parks.

Tracy will talk with them about why these marine places, and the species that live within them, hold such iconic value to Australians and how our connection to these places contributes to their protection.  

Included in the podcast series is research aiming to rehabilitate stranded sea turtles in northern New South Wales and research into how and why jellyfish tell us how healthy our oceans are.

“Listeners will learn about why our coastlines are changing and what that means to how we interact with the blue spaces so many of us call home. They’ll learn about where the northern most population of little penguins live, why seabirds are such an important part of our marine ecosystems and how so close to home we can go and see seabird migrations,” said Tracy.

The podcasts will provide answers to why mosses are critical habitat to sub-Antarctic Islands and how important islands are to our Great Barrier Reef.

Other marine spaces that feature in the podcast series include Sydney’s bays, its Harbour, the expanse of temperate kelp forests and The Great Southern Reef, New South Wales Island habitats, the coastline of Southern and Central New South Wales, and The Great Barrier Reef.

Each of the 12 podcasts in The Deep Blue on My Door Step series will ask what the future holds for these marine spaces, the animals that rely on them, and what change means for the systems and our society.

Tracy will also talk to researchers who are working out ways to build resilience in both our ecosystems and many of the iconic organisms that we need to preserve for the future.

Importantly, the series will reveal a range of programs and initiatives that are in place and active across our coastlines now for people to become part of the solution for preserving the blue spaces on our doorstep. 

Visit The Deep Blue On My Door Step website where you will find photographs of the researchers, the places they work and the organisms that they study.

“We hope you will love The Deep Blue on My Door Step podcast series as much as we love taking you to these places with us,” says Tracy.

The Deep Blue On My Door Step podcast series is supported by Inspiring Australia NSW as part of National Science Week and will launch on 15 August 2020.