Dr Egg Adventures

Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory is an online portal that supports primary school students’ engagement with and understanding of STEM concepts. Since 2018, Dr Egg has established a research partnership with Macquarie University School of Education, with the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory now hitting classrooms.

This partnership has provided Dr Egg with the opportunity to test one of its brand-new Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory digital teaching resources called ‘The case of The Starving Slum-lanes Students and the Empty Canteen’ with school students.

The suite of Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory resources have been co-designed with leading STEM educator, Dr Anne Forbes, and been funded by MyScience@MQ and a New South Wales Department of Industry Tech Voucher grant.

A Senior Lecturer in STEM Education from the Macquarie University School of Education, Dr Forbes has received a new title as Coordinator of Strategic STEM Projects. Alongside Dr Egg CEO Catherine Fargher, an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Education, and Senior Lecturer in Education Dr John De Nobile, the trio have become Joint Chief Research Investigators.

Since the project hatched in August, aspiring Practical Teachers from Macquarie University have been taking Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory along with them on their placements to trial with Stage 2 and 3 students (Primary Grades 3-6).

Before and after using our resources in their teaching, volunteer PSTs fill out surveys with their thoughts on the experience of teaching STEM topics to their students.

Through these classroom trials, Dr Egg would like to find out how effective Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory is and how well it supports school students’ engagement with STEM. A key question is whether the program helps these future educators teach Science and STEM subjects more effectively.

The volunteer Practical Teachers, who were each given a free copy of the resource to use, have been testing it out in both online and offline teaching with school students during their placements, with much success.

Volunteer feedback

Before using the Dr Egg Adventures resources one volunteer said:

‘I haven’t completed any science-based units at uni and haven’t done science in a number of years.’

After using the Dr Egg Adventures resources, they obeserved:

‘My ability to facilitate student problem solving and also questioning as well as knowledge of the scientific method has improved… At the end of my prac, one of my students actually said who is going to teach us science when you leave.’

Another Practical Teacher also expressed that ‘students were able to think outside the box and collaborate with their peers to come up with answers and build upon each other’s answers’.

The team at Dr Egg is excited to know that Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory is already paving the way for change in how schools teach STEM. Their research project is helping both future teachers and current students. While volunteer teachers gain a valuable opportunity to improve their teaching of Science subjects, students get to experience the amazing world of the Dr Egg Adventures Laboratory.

Guest post by Dr Egg. For more information visit dreggadventures.com