Too much stuff?

Do you buy or collect things you don’t need and then have trouble getting rid of them? As part of Vivid Sydney in National Science Week, Inspiring Australia NSW has joined forces with the Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University to present a talk and workshop led by A/Prof Melissa Norberg where you’ll discover the science of letting go.

Does the idea of minimalism intrigue you or do you dream of de-cluttering, but just can’t seem to get started? This science-based talk and workshop will help you to understand why you may find it hard to resist acquiring and letting go of possessions you do not need.

After learning why possessions are so irresistible, Melissa will guide participants through practical tips on how to take charge of your shopping habits and on how to declutter sustainably and effectively.

Too Much Stuff shines a light on advances in scientific research that underpins evidence based strategies for managing behaviours and distress that leads to excessive accumulation.

How prevalent is object attachment?

Australia is the ninth largest contributor of household waste per capita in the world, spending over $10.5 billion annually on goods and services that are never or rarely used. We currently need 4.5 Earths to support Australia’s level of consumption.

Compounding our household waste is our emotional attachment to possessions. Acquiring and saving tendencies exist on a continuum: some people realise that only a few items actually spark joy while for others every item purchased, every insta post, every magazine page begets desire for something else to fill the void. 

Are you ready to curb your unnecessary saving tendencies? Our evidence based workshop will challenge and enhance your ability to let go of unneeded possessions.

Event details

To participate, bring up to five possessions that you are having trouble parting with despite knowing that you don’t need them to live. During the workshop, place your objects in either waste, recycling, or donation bins. Walk away with more confidence in managing your shopping and discarding behaviours.

When: 12:30pm – 2pm, Sunday 15 August 2021
Where: Vivid Ideas Exchange, University of Technology Sydney
Cost: $10-$30 plus booking fee
Bookings: Register to attend at the Vivid website

Too Much Stuff? is co-presented by Inspiring Australia NSW and the Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University as part of Vivid Sydney in National Science Week.