Sapphire Coast Science Festival

The Sapphire Coast Regional Science gang have been working together to create an exceptional lineup of online events on the Far South Coast of NSW. Join them for a deep dive into what’s happening in the ocean and learn how it is affecting our coastal ecology and biodiversity.

Take part in a family-friendly, community engagement event fusing bush tucker education and re-vegetation on the Bega River with Indigenous plant species and visit the maker space and exhibitions from member organisations.

With participation from 2pi, Bega Valley Library, the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness, Bournda Environment Education Centre, Panboola Wetlands Trust and Landcare, learn about local efforts to protect the environment and champion sustainability.

Don’t miss a huge array of online offerings from the Atlas of Life that will welcome expert scientists to discuss the great ocean systems and the changes seen in the last decade, in particular, what has been happening to the sea creatures and seaweeds.

Discover research on tropical fish visitors, the sea slugs marine enthusiasts hunt for every year and the seaweeds that are their habitats. There will be opportunities to ask questions and a panel discussion after the presentations.

Join Bournda via livestream for educational workshops including the Wharf to Wharf – Fire Recovery and Rocky Shore Investigation.

For details about all the events on offer in the region, visit the website