The First Scientists

Published by Hardie Grant Books, The First Scientists is an illustrated science book from Corey Tutt, CEO and Founder of Deadly Science and Chair of the NSW Executive Committee for Inspiring Australia and National Science Week. With kids aged 7 to 12 years in mind, this book will nourish readers’ love of science and develop their respect for Indigenous knowledge at the same time.
Have you ever wondered what the stars can tell us? Did you know the seasons can be predicted just by looking at subtle changes in nature? Maybe you have wondered about the origins of glue or if forensic science is possible without a crime scene investigation. Australia’s First peoples have the longest continuing culture on Earth and their innovation will amaze you as you leaf through the pages of this book, learning fascinating facts and discovering the answers to life’s questions.
In consultation with communities, Corey tells us of many deadly feats – from bush medicine to bush trackers – that are today considered ‘science’, and introduces us to many amazing scientists, both past and present.

The breadth of ‘sciences’ is incredible with six main chapters covering astronomy, engineering, forensic science, chemistry, land management and ecology. The first scientists passed on the lessons of the land, sea and sky to the future scientists of today through stories, song and dance, and many of these lessons are now shared in this book.
With vibrant illustrations by Blak Douglas that bring the subjects to life, after reading The First Scientists, you’ll never think about science as just people in lab coats ever again!

New Deadly Science book series

In partnership with Corey Tutt, Australian Geographic will present a new Deadly Science book series.

“We’re looking to rectify that through this book series, making sure that no-one misses out on understanding how this incredible place ticks,” the 2020 NSW Young Australian of the Year Corey Tutt told Port News.

“This is a series for all Australian students, to expand their knowledge and excite their curiosity about Australia specifically, and the world in general, and we particularly want to fix those resource gaps in our schools.”

The eight-part series will cover topics that inspire primary-aged readers to ask questions, experiment and learn about how scientific principles impact the way we live.

Focusing on topics such as animal adaptations, life cycles and renewable energy, these books will teach scientific principles with a focus on Indigenous knowledge and wisdom.

For more information about Corey Tutt, head to the Deadly Science website