CoronaCode music – The Album!

Dr Mark Temple is senior lecturer at Western Sydney University, and when he thinks about the coronavirus, he sees RNA sequences and relationships between structure and function.

Mark’s new album featuring the song “CoronaCode music” takes the genome to the recording studio to reveal other perspectives on the coronavirus.

“The coronavirus audio is pulsating and incessant without overt musical passages,” he says. “But as musicians, when we play along to it becomes surprisingly musical.”

Mark’s intriguing “coronacode music” tracks were performed live at City Recital Hall as part of Inspiring Australia NSW’s This Sounds Like Science series in February 2021.

Studio recordings of these and other tracks are now available. Listen to the album and discover a new way of thinking about RNA code here

Images of Dr Mark Temple with ABC Science presenter Tegan Taylor and Inspiring Australia NSW Manager Jackie Randles at City Recital Hall by David Vagg.