Gaming to learn

Arludo has been working since 2015 to help teach science by making learning exciting.

Thanks to an Emerging Priority Programs grant, 2023 is set to be a huge year for our team. We’re setting out to find the next best idea for a science videogame and dialing-up our science discourse with our new team of Arludo Ambassadors ready to drop into any classroom to talk about science and research . Our goal is to excite students about science!

To date, Arludo has built over 30 citizen science game apps that have been used by teachers and students to capture over 10,000,000 data points as they learn about science through game-based learning. This highlights our approach in learning: learn by doing.

Students and teachers can meet the Arludo team in a series of free virtual programs run weekly, throughout school terms. Go to DART Learning to see the schedule and join the fun.

Arludo’s National Game Design Challenge

Students across Australia will be encouraged to think big and pitch to have their idea for a science videogame developed into the real thing in Arludo’s National Game Design Challenge.

The challenge will see teachers and students work through four lessons where teams of students will be guided through brainstorming a scientific question and how to design a game, including game mechanics and art design, as well as how to pitch an idea to generate attention.

Teams will then have the opportunity to pitch their best idea for a science videogame for prizes and the chance to work with Arludo’s game developers and scientists to turn their idea into a real game. The finalists will go to a public vote and winners will be revealed at a finalists event to be held in term 4 of this year.

Meet the Arludo Ambassadors

Arludo has found 20 of the best science communicators from across Australia and will bring them to schools throughout 2023. The Arludo Ambassador program aims to provide a platform for early career researchers to build their skills in science communication, linking their research to Arludo’s suite of games to introduce teachers and students to real research.

With a diverse range of topics, from aliens to whale poo, teachers and students are certain to find an area that interests them and excites their students.

Meet the Arludo Ambassadors! Photo credit: Michael Chow © Arludo

We brought all of the Ambassadors to Sydney in early January to play games, learn new skills, film interviews, eat food, and brainstorm across the three days to prepare this super-excited group of young researchers to talk science and videogames every chance they get, all year long.

The first chance to meet some of our Ambassadors is February 10, as we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science with a live event, details are available on DART Learning.

Over the next few months, you’ll be able to meet each of the Ambassadors and find out all about their research on Arludo’s YouTube channel.

Arludo also has a program for Careers either homeschooling or who just want to help children think creatively, critically, and analytically.

Main image: Arludo Ambassadors playing Blue Steal to learn about sexual selection and mating evolution. Photo credit: Michael Chow © Arludo

Guest blog by Holly Kershaw, Business Development Manager at Arludo.