Jump into the world of Science Games this Science Week

people playing electronic games

The team at Arludo is gearing up to celebrate 2023 National Science Week with a thrilling program of science games and researchers. Additionally, primary school students all across Australia will have the chance to pitch their best game ideas, one of which could potentially become Arludo’s next big science game.

Have you ever wondered how to design your own video game? This Science Week, Arludo offers numerous opportunities for young scientists to delve into the world of gaming. On Monday 14 August  Arludo’s resident game designers will engage in a friendly competition with science communicators to determine who can create the best game in just three hours in the Science Game Design Dash.

Across three 45-minute sessions, designers and science communicators will rapidly go through the game design process to produce a new game. Will they be able to complete a new science game in such a short period? We’re not entirely certain, but one thing is for sure—it will be a fun and exciting exploration of the intersection between science and gaming.

Graphic with words National Game Design Challenge Dash.

Students will have their own chance to design games through Arludo’s National Game Design Challenge. Open to students in Years 3-6, this challenge comprises four lessons that teach participants how to design a video game. The students will learn how to select a scientific topic or question, create game mechanics (or rules) for how the game will work, design art and sounds, and finally, pitch their game concept to an audience. The top 10 teams will be flown to Sydney for a Gala announcement, and the winning team will be mentored by Arludo’s game development team to bring their idea to life as a real game.

But that’s not all—Science Week offers even more opportunities to engage with games and science through online events featuring Arludo’s Science Communicators. They will discuss some of their favorite games and their research in Marine Science, Bird Brains, and Spider Science. This presents a unique chance to explore the scientific aspects featured in Arludo’s video games and to converse with young researchers about their own studies and the vast array of careers in science.

Guest post by Holly Kershaw, Director of Business Development at Arludo.