Sciencengage is a national database of science engagement activities. It’s a platform for you to tell the world about who you are engaging, where, why and how in science and technology. At the same time, you’ll be contributing to a comprehensive national database of science engagement activities.

In 2012, a national survey captured information about more than 400 science engagement activities that have happened, or are still happening, across Australia.

This was the first time such information had been collected at a national scale. While this provided a great snapshot of the state of science communication in Australia, an ongoing challenge is how to capture new projects as they emerge.

Sciencengage provides an online solution but we need your input if we are to realise a key goal of Inspiring Australia to create an evidence base to science communication.

Clear benefits flow when science communicators share knowledge and experience gained from hosting science engagement activities. You can find out whether there are others doing similar things. You can collaborate, gain new ideas and avoid duplication. You can also see if there are gaps in science engagement that your activities could fill.

Science communication researchers will be able to explore the data to look at any trends or changes in the way science communication is happening. Your research will help practitioners discover the most effective ways of engaging Australians in science.

In Australia, we are getting better at engaging everyday people with science. We do it on the streets. We do it in cinemas. We do it on trains, planes and buses. We do it in our national parks and we do it in our own backyards. It is important to engage Australians with science because it plays a significant role in our personal health and wealth, and in our collective growth as a nation.

A big reason why we, science communicators and communication researchers, are getting better at engaging the public with science is that we are learning from each other about what works and what doesn’t. We, ourselves, are getting better at engaging with each other.

That is why ScienceEngage would love you to add your science engagement project to the national database. We’ve streamlined the questions so it should only take you 10-20 minutes to enter an activity, depending on how much you want to write.

If you already have an activity on the database, it would be terrific if you could keep the information on this up-to-date. Tell us about any new things happening with the activity or any evaluation you have done.

You can add one project or as many projects as you want. Upload your projects to Sciencengage now.

Jenni Metcalfe is Director of Econnect Communication
Sciencengage was created in 2013 by Econnect, Australian Science Communicators, Bridge 8.