Meet the local STEM professionals

Residents in the Orange, Cowra and Cabonne regions of New South Wales will soon get to meet a diverse range of scientists through Sounds Like Science, a new podcast and video series created by the region’s Science Hub. With five STEM professionals who live and work in the Central West NSW lined up as subjects for each show, the series will profile their day to day work to demonstrate the impact of science and technology within the community.

Supported with a grant from Inspiring Australia to develop the series in time for National Science Week, the Science Hub’s convener Phoebe Cowdery says that these videos will develop local case studies to show what local scientists are doing every day.

“In order to inspire the next generation, we think it’s important to show what people actually do with their science and technology degrees and and what the STEM career opportunities are in the region. The people we will interview as part of this series have remarkable stories to tell about their working lives in occupations spanning environmental water management, engineering, wine making, architecture and geoscience.”

Jo Lenehan from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage is just one of the scientists who will be interviewed as part of Sounds Like Science. She plans to discuss environmental water management in the context of pelican breeding events at Lake Brewster.

Engineer Philippa Childs will discuss how she decided to choose an engineering career and what she does day to day working with Cowra Council.

Wine maker Nadja Wallington will talk about her life as a vintner for the Philip Shaw Winery in Orange and geoscientist John Daly will discuss how his knowledge of soil testing led to an interest in ceramics and glazes. Finally, architect Dylan Gower will discuss his involvement with the Cowra Low Emissions Action Network and design thinking.

All of these interviews will help community members understand various aspects of STEM applied to real life jobs. This will hopefully inspire audiences to make interesting and rewarding STEM career choices as a result.

To launch the series, three live presentations will be presented at a local bar during National Science Week so that the community members can meet the STEM professionals in person. The Sounds Like Science videos and podcasts will also be presented to local audiences through local media platforms including ABC Open, local radio, environmental agencies, newspapers and social media outlets.

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