Regional STEM careers

Members of Inspiring Australia’s Orange Cowra Cabonne Science Hub have teamed up with ABC Open Central West producer Luke Wong to highlight the careers of young, female STEM professionals working in regional New South Wales. Three videos have been created about the working lives of Jo Lenehan, Pippa Childs and Nadja Wallington, exploring why each woman decided to pursue their career in ecology, engineering and wine making.

In addition to national broadcast, the videos will be screened at community forums followed by panel discussions to provide community members with opportunities to learn more about careers in ecology, civil engineering, wine-making, renewables, geology and ceramics.

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Pelican breeding research at Lake Brewster

For ecologist Jo Lenehan, the challenges of field work are made worthwhile by the amazing sights witnessed during the pelican breeding season at Lake Brewster in central west New South Wales. Jo originally studied as a vertebrate pest ecologist and when opportunity called she found herself working in environmental water management. During her research, she has learnt some interesting facts about the birds and the vital role they play in the waterways.

Life as a young civil engineer in a regional town

Imagine a world where you didn’t have the conveniences of clean water and sewerage. It’s people like Pippa Childs who design the critical infrastructure of regional towns and ensure they work in harmony with the environment. You’ll discover that the young civil engineer is passionate and maybe even a little obsessive about her work as she takes you on a journey around Cowra, New South Wales.

The fruitful career of winemaking

Chemistry, Microbiology and Botany may be the last things on your mind when you’re sipping on a glass of chardonnay or merlot. But for Orange winemaker Nadja Wallington these areas form the foundation of her work. To improve her palette Nadja’s career has taken her to many exotic locations around the world – a life many would envy.
However, behind the taste tests and wine competitions there are long hours in the field, shed and the lab to create the perfect drop.



The Orange Cowra Cabonne Science Hub and ABC Open created the Sounds Like Science videos to highlight professionals who work in STEM-related fields in central west New South Wales. Huge thanks to Jo Lenehan, Pippa Childs, Nadja Wallington, John Daley, Luke Wong, Phillp Shaw Winery, Finns Store, Oxley Wine Bar, Jackie Randles and community members in the region who contribute to the Science Hub. This project was supported by Inspiring Australia, Office of Environment and Heritage, the CORRIDOR project, ABC Open, Philip Shaw, and Orange, Cowra, Cabonne Councils.