Future proofing the next generation

Inspiring Australia’s NSW Manager Jackie Randles will chair a 2-day summit in Sydney to be held from 19-21 September that is designed to strengthen collaboration, partnerships and relationships between education and industry.

The Future-Proofing STEM Industries Summit is about improving partnerships between industry and education and drive engagement in STEM across the board.

After a sustained period of economic prosperity, Australia is facing numerous challenges including slowing growth, declining wages, falling productivity and the conclusion of a mining boom. At the same time, technology is changing the way we live, work and play, shaping major trends in globalisation, automation, collaboration and the way businesses operate.

As the nation prepares for growth and the next industrial revolution, there are increasing calls for Australia to foster a nation of innovation to ensure our businesses and economy prosper. To equip young Australians with the skills they need to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow requires Australia to commit to a national focus on STEM education.

Bringing together Australia’s most influential thought-leaders, participants will hear about best practice case studies and how to achieve improved education outcomes. Representatives from Australian Universities, museums and schools will come together to discuss how they can harness relationships with industry to inspire, attract and retain our next generation of STEM-skilled innovators.

Discussion themes

  • Innovative strategies that drive higher involvement in STEM disciplines at all levels
  • The critical role of Universities, VETs, RTOs in developing STEM talent for industry
  • Effective models of collaboration, partnerships and relationship between educators and industry
  • Education-industry collaborations for increased STEM awareness, exposure and engagement
  • Bridging the talent gap within STEM disciplines
  • Future directions of STEM from Australia’s biggest thought-leaders

Confirmed Speakers include:

  • Hakeem Oluseyi, Space Science Education Manager, NASA, USA
  • Ian Dagley, Chief of Science Partnerships and Engagement, Department of Defence Science and Technology Group
  • Gavin Fox-Smith, CEO, Johnson & Johnson Medical
  • Dr Marcus Zipper, Director CSIRO Services, CSIRO
  • Dr Joseph Lawrence, Director, Industry Partnerships, Monash University
  • Andrew Chapman, Head of Aerospace Engineering, BAE Systems
  • Tess Ariotti, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Samsung
  • David Wilkinson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Corporate Engagement and Advancement, Macquarie University
  • Professor Kevin Hall, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation, University of Newcastle
  • Megan Lilly, Head of Workforce Development, Australian Industry Group
  • Nate Goyer, Senior Manager, Chief of Staff, Technical Services, Cisco
  • Peter Pentland, Executive Manager Schools Programs, ATSE
  • Sally Browner, Education Partnerships Manager, Coder Factory Academy
  • Sara Caplan, CEO, Skills for Australia, PwC
  • Susan Bannigan, CEO, Westpac Bicentennial Foundation

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