Go IT Challenge

Tata Consultancy Services has developed the GoIT Challenge competition to encourage high school students to learn about and apply technology to community challenges. By inspiring students to think differently about technology, the GoIT Challenge will help them develop the skills they need to apply IT to any educational discipline, industry or community problem.

For several years, businesses, policy makers, and education experts have warned that the shortage of students studying STEM disciplines poses a serious risk to Australia’s economy. As a global technology company, Tata Consultancy Services wishes to help address the STEM shortage in Australia.

How it works

Targeting students in year 8 as they form opinions about whether studying technology in future years is right for them, the GoIT Challenge involves two components:

  1. A project that applies technology to solve a problem in the students’ community
  2. Five quizzes that explore technology and its application to multi-disciplinary areas.

Students are first asked to play five quizzes that will introduce them to ideas around mobile, social, AI, data and analytics. Each quiz is accompanied by a lesson plan for that is aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Having completed the five quizzes, students then identify a problem or issue in their community that could be solved through IT.

Working in groups of three, students develop a short pitch, with winning teams given an opportunity to realise their proposed solutions with assistance from UNSW and Tata Consultancy Services.

All participants in the GoIT Challenge will be invited to take part in a massive celebration of STEM at UNSW on 30 October 2017, at which the overall GoIT Challenge winners will be announced.

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