Sci-Fi LAB @ The Joan

Cult classic movie nights mixed with art and science exploring earth, space and the beyond! Be entertained and indulge your love for the out of the ordinary this October.  Supported by Inspiring Australia (NSW), Sci-Fi LAB @ The Joan presents four compelling Friday nights of sci-fi cult classic film screenings followed by cutting-edge research, guest talks, performances and installations to keep the tradition of sci-fi alive.

Be part of the speculative fiction as you join  guest scientists and artists to explore the themes and “what ifs” of sci-fi. Grasp the relevant futuristic, scientific or technological impacts as well as the societal, historic, economic implications for the human race as Sci-Fi LAB @ The Joan explores all the dreams, fears and anxieties that come with sci-fi:

  • The threat of invasion; extra- terrestrial intelligence in our universe
  • Sci-fi meets reality; unravelling DNA, genetic engineering
  • The fragility of the planet; Earth unravels
  • Hostility and control; engineering challenges in space.

Whether you’re a hard core sci-fi geek; a newbie beginning to explore this galaxy of wonder, or have no idea at all, bring a gang of friends each Friday in October from 7- 9pm to Sci-Fi LAB @ The Joan and do as Dr Who said: “hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!”

Tickets are just $15 and are available online from or the box office ph: 4723 7600.

Program details

Friday 6 October

Movie: The Fly (1986)
Talk: Sonifying DNA: What does DNA sound like? by Dr Mark Temple (Western Sydney University Observatory)
Performance collaboration: Dr Mark Temple, Dr Paul Smith and Ryan McGoldrick

Friday 13 October

Movie: Gravity (2013)
Talk: Challenges behind space travel by Nicolas Ralph (Western Sydney University, Penrith Observatory)
Visual Performance Art: Flatline
Planetarium Presentation: Dr Raelene Sommer (Western Sydney University, Penrith Observatory)

Friday 20 October

Movie: Wall-E (2008)
Talk: Transforming the Heart of Penrith by Andrew Hewson (Penrith City Council)
Exhibition: Winning images from the 2016 Penrith City Council Photo Competition
Interactive Installation: Susannah Williams

Friday 27 October

Movie: The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)
Talk: Is there anybody out there? The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Dr Ain de Horta (Western Sydney University, Penrith Observatory)
Sound and Dance Performance: Nicola Morton and Eugene Choi