From social good to impact

Applications for the Foundation for Young Australians Young Social Pioneers program are officially open, offering young people between 18-29 creating change an opportunity to take their concept for social good from ideation to impact.

The systems that comprise the world we live in continue to deliver unequal opportunities, rights and agency for those that are confronted with challenge and adversity in their lives.

Because of their race, physical ability, education, sexuality, gender, financial standing, mental wellbeing or otherwise, many still do not have the freedoms and dignities a lot of us take for granted.

There is a movement of young people who are changing this reality; who are reshaping and recreating institutions (cultural, social and economic) to not just address the symptoms of inequality, but the fundamental causes of it.

They are designing more equitable, inclusive and sustainable ways of doing business; inventively advocating for fairer government and corporate policy; and finding new ways to empower communities and individuals so that they may determine their own pathways and futures.

Young Social Pioneers is the Foundation for Young Australians’ cornerstone initiative backing young people leading responses to the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time. 233 alumni now regularly count on one another for opportunities and support and there are countless examples of them coming together to collectively achieve impact.

Included in the program are all kinds of changemakers – social entrepreneurs, creatives, technologists, academics, thought leaders, intrapreneurs and more.

Applications for the 2018 Young Social Pioneers program have just opened and will be accepted until June 1.

If you are a young person with a social or environmental problem you care about and an approach to solve it, take a look!

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