Through the Nano Lens: art, science, nature

Have you ever looked closely at a leaf, flower or twig? How closely? The human eye can see details that are one tenth of a millimetre in size but powerful microscopes enable us to see details that are one million times smaller!

On Saturday 11 August as part of Sydney Science Festival, the Nano Lens team from the University of Sydney will be bringing details from Art, Nature and Science into sharp focus as part of the Living Laboratory at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Both art and science celebrate and look out for detail in the world around us. The Nano Lens team invite you to see nature in a new way by focusing in on the detail.

Inspired by the works of Margaret Preston and the fascinating surfaces of the flowers that she paints, the Nano Lens team invite you to come and use microscopes to zoom in on plant specimens and help us to create a public artwork inspired by science.

Join team Nano Lens to find out what makes some leaves slippery than others and why studying this slipperiness could help to speed up boats, provide fresh water and make pacemakers safer.

Find out more about the Nano Lens citizen science and art project launching later this year and sign up your school or family.

The Nano Lens team is A/Prof Chiara Neto, Dr Chiara O’Reilly and Dr Alice Williamson from The University of Sydney. Find out more at