Plant pests and fungi

What do giant insects and mushrooms have in common? Jordan Bailey is the curator of the NSW Plant Pathology and Mycology Herbarium. Meet Jordan in a short film produced in the Central West to discover why it’s important to collect and identify plant pests and pathogens.

Along with the Insect and Mite Collection, the Herbarium Jordan looks after makes up the NSW Department of Primary Industries Biosecurity Collections. These are the largest and oldest collections of their kind in Australia, with over half a million specimens of pests, pathogens, beneficial organisms and fungi dating back to 1890.

Specimens held in the NSW Department of Primary Industries Biosecurity Collections collections are vitally important for biosecurity and scientific research and help to safeguard the prosperity of Australian agriculture.

This video was created by the Science HUB – Orange, Cowra, Cabonne (SHOCC) and the CORRIDOR project and screened during National Science Week 2018 in Orange and Cowra, NSW with the generous support of Inspiring Australia and local councils.