Careers with STEM

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In the latest issue of Careers with STEM: Maths,you will:

  • Discover the surprising range careers that need maths, from lawyers to photographers;
  • Learn how maths can be applied in everything from sports to medicine and marketing;
  • Meet hands-on creatives using maths to help their craft;
  • Hear from people working at ASIO, CSIRO, Qantas, Tennis Australia, Atlassian and more;
  • Access events, programs and tools to help you skill-up quickly or find your study paths;
  • Discover where an economics degree can take you and how you can use it to make the world a better place.

“Far from being made redundant by computers and calculators, maths is more important than ever… Put simply, a good grasp of maths is a gateway to a bright career in the digital age.”

Professor Lisa Harvey Smith, Women and STEM Ambassador.