Science busking at Circular Quay

Soapbox Science, a UK-based science program for women achievers in STEM, will bring science busking to Australia in National Science Week. Twelve scientists from all over the country have been carefully selected from a large bag of 72 applications. They and will share their knowledge and play their innovative science like buskers in Circular Quay, against the background of the iconic Sydney Opera House on 10 August.

The Soapbox team all over the world want to make sure that people get the opportunity to enjoy, learn from, heckle, question, probe, interact with and be inspired by leading female scientists.

Before the internet was invented, one of the best ways to convey innovation and science to the public was to turn up to a busy street, stand on a box and tell people what you thought they needed to know. Harking back to that time, these super women will be sharing their work in science, technology, engineering and medicine, are set to take to the very small ‘soapbox’.

Participating scientists

12-1pm Session:

1-2pm session:

  • Riddhi Gupta (@riddhisw), The University of Sydney, “Machine Learning and Quantum Control Using our engineering past to navigate a quantum future”.
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  • Hasti Hayati, University of Technology Sydney, “Dynamics of running dogs.”
  • Dr Emi Tanaka (@statsgen), The University of Sydney, “Is diversity important? What we can learn from plant breeding.”
  • Dr Emma Camp (@emmafcamp), University of Technology Sydney, “Can Super Corals really be Super Heroes for the Great Barrier Reef?”

2-3pm session:

Event details

This one-day event on 10 August will take place at Circular Quay from 12-3 pm in front of the MCA (harbourside) as part of the Sydney Science Festival during the National Science Week 2019.

Photo by Dr Astha Singh. Find out more about Soapbox Science 2019 Sydney, Sydney Science Festival and National Science Week.