GoIT challenge returns

Tata Consultancy Services’ GoIT Challenge is designed to encourage year 8 students to immerse themselves in the world of technology and inspire them to think creatively to apply technological understandings to support the community around them.

This program inspires students to discover the world of endless possibilities that technology presents. It is at this point that students are encouraged to consider their subject choices and begin to plan for their future study and career options. This is why the GoIT Challenge has been aimed at Year 8 students. To positively impact student attitudes towards science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

About the program

The GoIT Challenge is delivered in the following components:

  1. Five lessons delivered in the classroom to support students in the creation of their GoIT Challenge Projects by exploring a range of technological topics
  2. Five quiz challenges on technology and its application across disciplines and in everyday life
  3. The GoIT Challenge Project, completed in small groups of 3, that applies technology and learning from the lessons and quizzes to solve a problem within the students’ local community
  4. The GoIT Challenge finals event, held at UNSW Sydney on October 22nd; where finalists will participate in the final quiz and all attendees will have the opportunity to have the UNSW student experience as they explore the campus and the UNSW innovation labs

The GoIT Challenge is free to all!To be eligible to take part in the GoIT Challenge, the following requirements must be met:

  • Participants must be in Year 8
  • Participants must attend a school in Australia
  • Participants must enter as a group of 3 for the GoIT Challenge Project

Register NOW at www.goitchallenge.com