Science events on campus

As part of Sydney Science Festival, Sydney’s universities have each developed a suite of outstanding science engagement offerings on campus and at venues across the city, many of them free.

UNSW Sydney

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With a focus on science that will blow your mind, UNSW Sydney will presents a diverse program of events from 6 – 18 August including:

  • Elizabeth Blackburn: The Telomere Effect: a presentation by Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn at the City Recital Hall will ask why ageing takes such different paths for different individuals

  • Paul Davies: The Demon in the Machine will examine transformations in technology and medicine, the physics of two-headed worms and answer the age-old question of whether or not we are alone in the universe

  • Women and the internet: VICE reporter Claire L Evans reveals the feminist history of the internet with cultural anthropologist and futurist Genevieve Bell, best-selling author Ginger Gorman, and science journalist Natasha Mitchell

  • The Einstein Lecture: join Elisabetta Barberio for a conversation about the search for dark matter – how to find something we cannot see.

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The University of Sydney


  • How science is transforming NSW: A FREE family event in the Blue Mountains to launch National Science Week in NSW with state’s Chief Scientist & Engineer Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte and Professor Salah Sukkarieh of Agerris and the Australian Centre for Field Robotics at The University of Sydney. Includes a Digital Farmhand robot demonstration

  • The Al – Zr of the Periodic Table: a journey through Al-Zr of the Periodic Table in a comedic ensemble of quick-witted scientists including Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Adam Spencer and Dr Alice Motion

  • Operation Earth, a conservation mission: get involved in hands-on science challenges to learn about the conservation strategies in place to ensure a future for Earth’s magnificent wildlife. Children receive FREE entry to Taronga Zoo when accompanied by a paying adult
  • Why music is maths: Join Professor Geordie Williamson at City Recital Hall for a journey into the shape of sound and sound waves, to explore the fascinating world of timbre, overtones, modes and frequencies – ideas among the most fundamental tools of modern mathematics and physics.See the full listing of University of Sydney events.

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Western Sydney University


  • Collaborating On Improving Community Health: How can we use sport as a tool to promote health? Or use churches as a setting to tackle diabetes? Can we do more to promote healthy ageing, cancer screening or health service engagement? Join Western Sydney University researchers in #scienceweek to learn how community-based approaches to better health are improving outcomes for all.
  • Pollinator Power: A chance to meet researchers investigating the role of pollinators in producing some of Australia’s favourite fruits, nuts and vegetables, as well how they are vital in maintaining healthy, functional native ecosystems.

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University of Technology Sydney


  • Science in Focus: Curing Diseases in Space. Join Dr Joshua Chou as he prepares for the first Australian space mission, looking into the biology of our cells outside of Earth.  
  • Spectra: The Art and Consequence of Collaboration: A group exhibition featuring the work of Australian artists and designers working at the nexus of art and science that explores their increasing convergence and how each area impacts the other.
  • Living Data: Seeding Treaty. The Seeding Treaty animations were created for the conference, Antarctic Connections at the End of the World, in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, in this year of Indigenous languages, and the 50th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty. For National Science Week, Seeding Treaty is projected as an immersive experience in the Data Area at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

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Macquarie University


  • Another Pale Blue Dot: The SETI Institute’s Search for Exoplanets, a talk by Dr. Franck Marchis, Senior Planetary Astronomer and Science Outreach Manager, SETI Institute.

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