Be part of 2050 Emergent

Startups and innovators have ample opportunity to share their work within the tech sector. However 2050 EMERGENT seeks to engage the wider community. Be part of this citywide effort to engage a general public audience with cutting edge technology by submitting an EOI to present in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, CleanTech and Energy Efficiency, EdTech, Food tech, Healthcare, Housing, Sharing Economy, Smart Cities, Social Enterprises and more.

EOIs are now being sought from exhibitors who are interested in educating and inspiring the public, helping to advance understanding of technology innovation.

As well as being standalone, the 2050 EMERGENT event will be a program highlight of this year’s Spark Festival that will run from 10 to 27 October.

Open to the general public, the heart of 2050 EMERGENT will be a showcase of 30+ startups and other initiatives, envisioning exhibitors from across the full spectrum of innovation.

Who will attend?

A one-day interactive showcase, 2050 EMERGENT is a broad community event that invites interaction and feedback from anyone interested in how technology will shape how we live, work and play in the city over the next 30 years. It will include presentations and demos of future-facing innovative projects, ideas and startups.

The event is open to the City of Sydney community and seeks to make the wealth of innovative initiatives happening in and around Sydney accessible to a wider audience.

Get involved

EMERGENT is inviting exhibitors and presenters to express interest in being part of this unique, community event. Learn more