Find STEM Women

Australian women in STEM will be more visible thanks to a new resource showcasing the depth of talent of those working in the field. STEM Women is an online directory of women in Australia working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The Australian Academy of Science developed the directory in partnership with the CSIRO, Science & Technology Australia, and the Australian Science Media Centre, with financial support from the Australian Government.

Academy President, Professor John Shine said seeing and hearing from women in STEM is a priority.

“When women from diverse STEM careers speak in the media, at public events, and in boardrooms and classrooms, they can inspire girls and women to follow in their footsteps,” Professor Shine said.

“I’d like to see more women in STEM being part of the public discourse. It’s good for gender equity, science communication and it’s good for the next generation of would-be scientists coming up through the ranks,” he said

“And if you’re in the media looking to interview a woman in STEM or you are organising a conference or event, I urge you to use this resource.” 

STEM Women links a diverse range of women with opportunities to progress their careers and personal capabilities such as speaking at conferences, being part of committees and boards, being nominated for awards and being interviewed in the media.

Users of the database can search for women in STEM based on their expertise, location and other search fields. Users can create their own shortlist and then message experts directly.

Australia’s Women in STEM Ambassador, Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith said the great scientific and technological transformation Australia is currently experiencing belongs to STEM professionals of all genders and backgrounds.

“Let’s tell those stories in full, without prejudice—to inspire all Australians,” Professor Harvey-Smith said. 

Image of Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith courtesy of The Australian Academy of Science. To add your profile to the database and find more information got to