Careers with STEM

Suddenly juggling a full house and washing away the plethora of home schooling advice with a glass of vino? Worried about schooling your teen towards a rewarding career when going to the shops is enough of a task?

Careers with STEM has you covered, whether you’re a teacher setting out to educate using a whole new engagement tool, a parent suddenly home schooling, or a uni student looking to fill the hours previously spent networking with potential employers.

As a publisher, Careers with STEM strives to provide timely, relevant and engaging content for its audiences. Recently, the current global public health emergency has been explored through the prism of STEM-skills that will underpin future solutions. Whether this is by highlighting pandemic-fighting public health careers or providing practical insights for online teaching and learning.

This blog is being updated daily as new resources become available. While this learning takes time, there are people to support you who are paid by the federal government to problem shoot in teaching STEM areas, as well as a growing army of science, technology and maths students and tertiary educators volunteering their time, expertise and virtual visits – take time to take a look and take advantage of the help that is out there. 

Here are some ways Careers with STEM is supporting teachers, students and parents:

  • The entire back catalogue of Careers with STEM magazines is available online for free. The stories and profiles in these issues can provide helpful stimulus materials for science, maths, technology and STEM classes.
  • Careers with STEM is offering 50% off any 2019/2020 issue of Careers with STEM, posted to your address. Just use the coupon code stem50 at the checkout.
  • Download Zoom Skins to shield your messy home office from students and/or colleagues. Choose from a range of made-to-measure Careers with STEM Zoom virtual backgrounds to disguise your background and impress your peers.
  • Check out the STEM posters and classroom resources available for download and share via the Careers with STEM Teachers Hub
  • The Careers with STEM website is packed with timely STEM content include our popular  STEM-career quizzes – discover your STEM calling
  • View a range of YouTube video interviews of leading STEM education specialists to personally walk you through ready to go resources for teaching STEM – check our YouTube channel for updates.
  • TikTok memes. Seriously – we all need a laugh and a break! Hit us up with your favourite socials and we’ll share them out.

Guest post from Careers with STEM founder, Heather Catchpole. @careerswithstem @hcatchpole.