Coffee in the studio

Scientist and artists are at the forefront of knowledge. During National Science Week, drop by to engage in online conversations with some of Australia’s most interesting artists and scientists, hosted by artist/scientist Steven Durbach. Discover who they are and what inspires them.  

“With this year’s unprecedented bushfires and the ongoing COVID crisis, people – even those not typically interested in science – have become hungry for facts about what is going on in their world,” said Steven Durbach.

“They want to hear directly from the scientists. They want to get to know the scientists who do the work. Who they are? What makes them tick? How do they go about doing the work they do? And most importantly, how can they engage more meaningfully with society?””

But why in conversation with artists? Contemporary artists are essentially our modern day philosophers said Steven.

“They thrive by engaging with the world they live in through making objects or performance that challenge our notions of who we are as individuals and a culture. It is for this reason that we wanted to get artists and scientists in conversation to draw out the important – but often neglected place – of science in our culture.”

Steven said that this live conversation series will mostly be about getting to know artists and scientists who he regards as the boundary hunters in our society. Probing and challenging at the edges.

“We invite you to come and listen to these online experiments in the forms of conversations where we will get to know these amazing and inspiring people through the work they do during this exciting online event.”

Shedule of conversations

Information about the artists and scientists joining Coffee in the Studio and booking links available at Sid Sledge’s website.

  • 1. Coffee in the Studio program launch with Sarah Jane Moore and Laura Parker: 15th August 2020; 11h00-12h00
  • 2. Coffee in the Studio with Annelies Jahn and Beric Henderson: 19 August 2020; 20h00-21h00 (Youtube LIVE link)|
  • 3. Coffee in the Studio with Michael Gillings and Laura Jade: 21 August 2020; 14h00-15h00 (Youtube LIVE link)
  • 4. Coffee in the Studio with Paul Thomas and Sven Rogge (22 August; 20h00); (Youtube LIVE link)

The Coffee in the studio event series is being presented in collaboration with CSIRO Lindfield and the Northern Sydney Science Hub with support from Inspiring Australia NSW as part of National Science Week.